Hey my name is Danial,
I am a passionate photographer.

I’ve been loving capturing photos using my smartphone since young. It was all for memories and sometimes you would never look back at the photos because it’s not that amazing.

Starting out as a hobby, I venture out to explore different perspective in landscape and architecture photography as it’s the easiest subject to photograph. Well.. most people does that right?. Ohh also flowers are my main subjects back then.

It was tough at first when I started as I never been through proper training or workshops on how to use a camera or how to shoot different subjects. I decided to get a DSLR camera and explore myself and it changes my perspective on how I see pictures. My first camera was the Nikon D3200 with a kit lens. After some time of exploring, I’ve bought new lenses and eventually upgraded my camera body.

After months of capturing different landscapes and architectures, I’ve decided to move forward and shoot more portraits instead and capturing memorable events. With the support that I gained from my family and friends, I pursue photography as my passion and sideline career. I’ve gotten clients and even friends to hire me to shoot for their events, portraits, weddings and so on.

Since then, Razorblaze Production was founded in 2016 to provide clients, friends and families with great quality photos and satisfaction. Not only that, I hope to gain more experience in different environments and work my way up to achieve my goals.

2 years later, I’ve decided to take on a challenge to learn videography all by myself. Watching all these cinematic videos and films got me interested in creating motions instead of just stills. Again I’ve invested on more camera gears, lightings, audio equipments and stabilizers. It wasn’t an easy decision as you wouldn’t know if these expenses would help you out in the future or left to waste. Knowing myself, I would spend and try everything I could to know if I it was meant for me or not. Eventually I started to do more videos and generating more ideas to produce content that I wouldn’t imagine I could do.

Right now, Razorblaze Production has shot with different clients, from portraits to weddings, commercial to corporate, events to seminars. 

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